3 to 5 Days together with the Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation and Sawyer Products are asking for your help to save lives in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  

3 to 5 Days provides emergency water solutions - now they will be needed more than ever. 

"Once again a major natural disaster has struck Haiti. The situation is dire and we need all the help we can get. Water will be one of the most important supplies. 3 to 5 Days provides solutions that will save lives." -  
Laurent Lamothe
Former Prime Minister of Haiti and Founder of Louis G. Lamothe Foundation

"We use only Haiti citizens, empowering them to help each other while ensuring every dollars is spent to provide clean water for every Haitian citizen. Now more than ever after Hurricane Matthew our cause needs public support." -
Tessa Hahn, Cofounder of 3 to 5 Days