3 to 5 Days together with Sawyer Products are asking for your help in providing clean drinking water to the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. 

3 to 5 Days provides emergency water solutions - now they will be needed more than ever. 

Areas needing filters (list will be updated continuously)East & Central New Providence Island, North Andros (including Lowe Sound/Nichols Town), Grand Bahamas.

"We are focusing in areas where the water table is contaminated in the Bahamas. These areas include: New Providence Island, Andros and Grand Bahama. Our teams of Bahamians will conduct the distribution and will focus on each community. Trainings will be conducted to ensure that every Bahamian family knows how to maintain their 3 to 5 Days water filter. Our Water Filters last 1 million gallons." -
Tessa Hahn, Cofounder of 3 to 5 Days