I'm so excited to begin this journey! I was called to do this when I have been spending much of my time to begin launching my own business in the beverage industry. I have been blessed by God to be a part of making innovative products and partner with extremely creative individuals.

As I have been doing much research in the water world, I wanted to know what else could I do that would help others that cannot find water as accessible to me. The providential way I figured out was when I ran into Sister Rosemary on Park Avenue and she was talking to me about all of the efforts they are providing in Haiti. I wanted to be a part! So after a few months of meetings with a variety of friends and family, I decided to launch a non-profit that allows me and my friends time to give back the most meaningful of elements - water.

St. Margaret Mary's sister Parrish in Jacmel, Haiti will be the 1st project and I'm already excited to think of other ways that we can provide water accessibility to other places! If you want to be a part or would like to donate please click here.

Thank you to all for your support!